How to Enable/Disable Android Developer Options on Android Devices

How to Enable/Disable Android Developer Options on Android Devices

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There could be many reasons to turn on android developer options on your devices. Either you could be a developer or you want to apply some GPS tricks. Generally, android developer options are used by the android developer. Developer option helps you to debug an android application over USB, you can able to find bugs in your application or even you can also monitor the CPU usage of your apps. You can measure the impact of your application on android devices.

Using developer option you can fake GPS location. I wrote an article on that you could check that tricks below link.

In this tips and tricks, I’m going to show you how to enable developer options on android and how to disable it.

  • First of go toSettings
  • Scroll down and search for About Device/About Phone touch on that.
  • Scroll down and search for Build number
  • Touch on Build number seven times, until you see this message development mode has been turned on
  • Now back to Settings scroll down below you will see Developer options.
  • Touch on Developer option to turn it on

This is how we can enable developer option in any latest android phone.

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