Motorola Droid and Verizon say “Me too” with Android 2.2 Update

Motorola Droid and Verizon say “Me too” with Android 2.2 Update

Verizon has just announced that the Motorola Droid will also be getting the Android 2.2 update next week.  Not much details beyond the “Me too” announcement, but if you followed our Android 2.2 post, you can expect all the Froyo features to be present. Engadget

Motorola Droid X/Xtreme/Shadow Clear Photos


Looks like Verizon has yet another Motorola build Droid coming out with the Droid X or Droid Xtreme or Shadow.  Not sure exactly what it will be called at this time, but you can almost be sure it’ll have the “Droid” nomenclature in there.  It looks to be a nice little update to the Droid Continue Reading…

HTC Droid Incredible – Confirmed April 29 by Verizon


We might have to start calling this website, “This is the Incredible” with all the news and leaks about the HTC Incredible lately.  Verizon has put up a Splash page for the HTC Incredible, which will have the Verizon name of Droid Incredible and you can input your email for details and how to pre-order Continue Reading…

Verizon’s Droid Finally Gets Android 2.1

Verizon’s Droid Finally Gets Android 2.1

It appears that after much waiting and teasing the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless’s network is finally getting pushed out to the users.  It has already started according to the sources, it began at 12:00 noon EST with a rollout to 1000 users.  If all goes well, another batch of Continue Reading…

Motorola DROID to Android 2.1 Update Delayed Again

Well, Verizon is really starting to cause a million little sighs to happen today.  Looks like that planned March 18th update for the Motorola DROID to Android 2.1 will not be happening today.  The new date is officially “TBD” which means, “We don’t know.”  Sorry to all your DROID owners who’ve been staring deeply at Continue Reading…

Motorola DROID Android 2.1 Update Starts Tomorrow

Motorola DROID Android 2.1 Update Starts Tomorrow

Motorola and Verizon are starting to finally push out that much rumored Android 2.1 update that over 1 million Android users have been clamoring for.  The Android 2.1 update includes a number of new features that bring the DROID’s ROM up to date with that found in the Nexus One, including live wallpapers, voice-to-text entry Continue Reading…

Gesture Search Your Android


Google released a new “labs” application for Android 2.0+ devices called Gesture Search.  It adds the ability to search your phone using your own finger writing skills instead of the keyboard.  It will search all through your phone just like the regular search does, but instead of needing to type in letters, you can simply Continue Reading…

Multi-Touch on Nexus One Not so Great


The screen on the Nexus One has been an area of focus for reviews and comparisons ever since it’s launch just a couple short months ago.  The 3.7″ diagonal 480×800 pixel AMLOED screen has received a number of good reviews and a number of bad ones.  The reviews range everywhere from personal opinion, to rigorous Continue Reading…

Android 2.1 Future on Past Phones


There have been a number of reports, rumors, speculations and general talk of Android 2.1 and older generation Android smart phones.  The question on everyone’s mind is, “Will my Android get version 2.1?”  I have received more than one email about the recent news concerning Android 2.1 and older phones.  I didn’t jump on the Continue Reading…

Motorola Droid – Gadget of the Year


The Motorola Droid has just received the Gadget of the Year award from both the readers and editors over at Engadget.  The Droid went on to earn the smart phone of the year award from the readers as well.  This doesn’t come as a surprise as Verizon has been heavily marketing the Droid the past Continue Reading…

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